Rob Ryan, the campaign manager of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long, wrote in a letter to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s top campaign aide asking for a debate on “the true nature” of women’s rights issues.

In the letter to Gillibrand campaign spokesman Glen Caplin, Cole writes the Wednesday debate at Skidmore College between Long and Gillibrand “was a lively, informative, and constructive” and offered a contrast on their political views.

But Ryan also says the Democratic incumbent needs to become involved in the campaign herself (Gillibrand has blasted out a number of TV ads, but her campaign appearances themselves have been few).

Glen, let’s get Senator Gillibrand “off the sidelines” and into the campaign. While we are it, let’s make it is historic – let’s go to the birthplace of Women’s Rights, Seneca Falls, New York and debate the issues and the true nature of women’s rights in society.

I look forward to your immediate response, and Wendy Long looks forward to the next debate(s) with Senator Gillibrand in the days and weeks ahead.

Ryan also makes a light-hearted reference to the now-infamous lightning round question asked by Liz during the debate: “Simply put, there are not “50 Shades of Grey” when it comes to the core beliefs held by Wendy Long and Senator Gillibrand – they are as different as black and white.”

Long told The Daily News the question was “Out of left field, out of touch and outlandishly sexist.”