At 9:30 p.m. last night – long after Gov. Andrew Cuomo had completed his one-day blitz of campaigning on behalf of Democratic House candidates (three endangered incumbents and one challenger) – the following statement from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi landed in my in-box:

“Governor Cuomo has gone above and beyond to help support our candidates in New York. Once again, he has stepped up for House Democrats and we are grateful for it.”

“His message of bipartisan cooperation to make government work is exactly what Democrats in the House stand for and we are so proud he has stood up for us.”


All over the country, Democratic governors have been working for weeks on behalf of their Democratic colleagues in D.C., raising campaign cash and stumping on behalf of candidates to assist the party’s long-short quest to take back the majority.

So, why did Pelosi feel compelled to thank Cuomo for doing the bare minimum to assist fellow Democrats?

Rep. Steve Israel, a Long Island congressman and head of the DCCC, has also felt compelled to heap praise on Cuomo, repeatedly calling him a “rock star” and lauding him for reaching out to moderates and independents who could prove crucial in tight races on Nov. 6.

Cuomo’s involvement on behalf of House Democrats started only recently – unless he’s been working very quietly behind the scenes without telling anyone about it.

He headlined a fund-raiser for the House Majority PAC and then headlined a single day of rallies to help Reps. Kathy Hochul, Louise Slaughter and Tim Bishop as well as former Rep. Dan Maffei, who’s trying to win back his old seat.

The popular governor’s endorsement may very well help move the few remaining undecided voters in the state, and now candidates are free to name-drop him in their mailers and TV ads.

Of course, New York might not have had the unusually high number of competitive congressional races underway across the state if Cuomo had heeded calls from national Democrats – including Pelosi – to intercede in the redistricting stalemate between the state Senate and Assembly when it came to the House lines.

He didn’t, and the task of redrawing the congressional districts ended up in a court’s hands. Hence, the less-gerrymandered than usual results that put several incumbent Democrats in peril.

Just sayin’.