Democratic candidate Julian Schreibman’s campaign is pushing back hard against a National Republican Congressional Committee ad that takes on his defense of an accountant accused of fraud.

The TV ad, which began running over the weekend in the Capital Region area, claims that Schreibman successfully defended accountant Mark Holzwanger, a former client of Schreibman’s who donated $3,750 to his campaign.

Schreibman, who is trying to unseat Rep. Chris Gibson in the newly formed NY-19 in the Hudson Valley, is calling on the incumbent to have the ad taken down.

“The latest TV ad from the NRCC relies on incomplete quotes, twisted logic and a total disregard for the truth. This is a desperate ad run on behalf of a candidate who will do or say anything to avoid talking about his record. Congressman Gibson should denounce the shameful tactics of the NRCC and demand they pull the ad off the air immediately,” said Jonathan Levy, Julian Schreibman’s campaign manager. “Julian has had a distinguished career as a prosecutor where he put away drug dealers, white collar criminals and aided in the successful prosecution of four al-Qaeda terrorists. This outlandish attack is a sign that Congressman Gibson and his allies will do anything to try and change the subject from his Tea Party voting record.”

Schreibman’s campaign also release key points to push back against the ad’s claims, including that Holzwanger was never convicted and strongly rejected the comparison made in the spot to Bernie Madoff.