The campaign of Julian Schreibman is touting a new, Democratic-backed poll released earlier his morning that fonud him within striking distance of beating Rep. Chris Gibson.

The survey found Gibson, the incumbent running in the newly drawn NY-19 in the Hudson Valley, leading Schreibman 43 percent to 41 percent, with 16 percent of those polled undecided.

The poll does come with a somewhat high-ish margin of error at 4.9 percentage points.

Still, the poll from Grove Insight shows that Gibson may have some work to do if there’s a big turnout for President Obama next month:

From the memo:

Voters in the 19th Congressional District lean towards Democrats. A majority (51%) havefavorable opinions of Barack Obama, the President is ahead by seven points over Romney and Kirsten Gillibrand leads her Republican challenger for US Senate by 15points (55% Gillibrand; 30% Long).

Meanwhile, Schriebman is fundraising off the poll as well, sending out a fundraising email just as a the poll came out to the press.

“People are standing up all over New York and saying they will not tolerate two more years of a do nothing Congress that is more focused on privatizing Medicare than helping to create jobs. Please chip in today, and join them in saying “NO” to the special interests who are trying to buy this election.

Update: Gibson spokeswoman Stephanie Valle responds.

“I think it’s pretty clearly an attempt by national Democrats to rescue a failing campaign and show some viability when our oppoent’s false attacks and partisan rhetoric aren’t resonating across the district as the Siena poll clearly shows,” she said.

It’s also worth noting that the poll doesn’t provide any party or regional breakdown.

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