The 6 a.m. release of Siena’s polls of the 15th and 60th SD races have the Senate spinmeisters manning their respective battle stations earlier than usual.

Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif gets top billing because his statement was out first (6:08 a.m.). He said:

“The latest round of Siena College Senate polls brings more good news for hard working, middle-class taxpayers.

“In SD 60, Senator Grisanti enjoys a wide lead over three other candidates, including Mike Amodeo, who opposes Governor Cuomo’s tax cap even though it has saved Erie County taxpayers $29 million.”

“Senator Grisanti partnered with the Governor to pass UB 2020, which will create thousands of jobs and transform the Western New York economy.”

“The Senator’s ‘People first, not Politics’ campaign has surged since his impressive primary day victories and he is well on his way to being reelected.”

“In SD 15, Eric Ulrich is in a dead heat with incumbent Joe Addabbo, who raised taxes on the City Council and voted for every one of the 124 tax increases approved by the previous, tax-and-spend majority in Albany.”

“Instead of working with the Governor, Senator Addabbo abandoned the Governor and the citizens of New York when he walked out and refused to vote on legislation to expand the DNA databank, Governor Cuomo’s most significant crime fighting initiative to date.”

“Eric Ulrich will be a strong voice for small businesses and taxpayers, and he understands what it takes to create jobs and keep Queens families safe.”

“To date, Siena has released polls in four Senate districts. While the results differ from district to district, there is a consistent theme: Senate Republicans have opened up big leads in the two seats we currently hold while Democrats are fighting for their lives in the two seats they now hold.”

“Our challengers have positive momentum against two incumbents, and it shows we’re going to grow our majority.”

And now the reaction from the Senate Democrats, courtesy of Mike Murphy (6:23 a.m.):

:”Everyone knows control of the Senate will be decided in a handful of very close races.”

“After two months when Republicans spent millions and Democrats conserved resources, we are ahead in the two contested districts currently held by Democrats and within single digits in a district held by Republicans.”

“There remain a half dozen Republican-held districts in play yet to be publicly polled. With campaigns just beginning in earnest and funding differences greatly reduced, Democrats are well positioned to gain the seats necessary to reclaim the majority.”

“From the fight for women’s rights and pay equity to the struggle to raise the minimum wage and pass common sense gun laws, New Yorkers want Democrats in control of the Senate.”