The Republicans have reignited their criticism of Assemblyman George Latimer for refusing to speak out against Speaker Sheldon Silver’s handling of the so-called Gropez scandal.

Earlier today, the GOP Tweeted a link to a new ad that slams the Assemblyman, who’s running against Republican Bob Cohen for retiring Democratic Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer’s seat, for “standing by his political boss” in the wake of the Assemblyman Vito Lopez sexual harassment mess.

The race for the 37th Senatorial District is only of the most competitive in the state, and its outcome could help determine who control the majority after the Nov. 6 elections.

The fight between Latimer and Cohen, who is making his second attempt at winning this seat (although the district has been reconfigured by the Senate GOP to assist him), has been tense for some time.

The Democrats are calling Cohen a “slumlord”, and just launched a new ad that suggests the New York City landlord allowed heroin sales in a building he owns – even though there is no evidence to prove that allegation.

The Republicans are retaliating with this Silver attack on Latimer. Here’s the script:

“Women were sexually abused by Albany politicians, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used taxpayer money to cover it up.”

“But George Latimer said nothing, and Latimer kept standing by his political boss.”

“Silver made secret taxpayer payments to protect political cronies who sexually abused female state employees.”

“Latimer kept voting to keep Silver in charge, and when sexual abuses became public, what did George Latimer say? It wouldn’t be wise to comment.”

“George Latimer, his silence speaks volumes.”