The super PAC funded by the son of financier George Soros that is backing Demcorat Sean Patrick Maloney in the NY-18 is decrying another well-financed effort that’s backing Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth.

There’s a real spy versus spy quality to this, but the super PAC, Friends of Democracy, says the conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce is trying to “buy another term full of votes.”

Friends of Democracy is citing a National Journal story that reported the chamber is spending up to $100 million in House races and that its “continuing the pay-to-play battle in district.”

“Rep. Hayworth sold out her district for a quarter million dollars in her last term, throwing poor women under the bus when it came to healthcare access,” said Ilyse Hogue, co-founder of Friends of Democracy. “Rep. Hayworth is a puppet of industry with more than a quarter million hooks determining her every vote, with more corporate money pouring in from the US Chamber, we have to wonder who she plans to sell out next.”