7:00pm: And we are underway…

7:01: Sen Gillibrand gets a big round of applause as she enters. Long also gets a good applause.

7:02: Gillibrand makes appeal to middle class in her opening statement. Seems fired up for this debate. Talks about bipartisan record.

7:03: Long talking about her personal story. “Proud to be born in America.”

7:04: First question about Libya to Sen. Gillibrand. She praises Sec. Clinton and Pres. Obama. Doesn’t really talk about Anerica’s role. Long fires back attacking the administration for failing to call this a planned terror attack. 2 candidates are mixing it up well. This was a great exchange.

7:07: Moving on to jobs now. First question on role of federal government and stimulus.

7:10: Now we are moving onto the fiscal cliff. Gillibrand makes the case for a balanced decision to cut the deficit. Long interrupts Gillibrand bringing boos from the crowd.

7:12: Long brings up the tax foundation study as a reason for reforming the tax code and lowering taxes.

7:13: Liz now asking a question about abortion to Wendy Long. Long defends her statement that Roe v. Wade was a terrible constitution decision. Says states should make the decision.

7:15: Long argues that Gillibrand is using this issue to distract from jobs and the economy. Gillibrand fires back saying she didn’t bring this up, Congressional Republicans brought it up.

7:19: Sticking with abortion a little as we move to a Supreme Court question. Gillibrand and Long very emotional on the issue of women’s rights.

7:22: Gillibrand says Sotomayor would be the ideal justice. Long blasts Sotomayor. Wendy Long says good things about all conservative members of SCOTUS.

7:24: Onto a question about 2nd amendment rights. Long blasts Gillibrand for getting an A from NRA as Congresswoman and an F as a Senator. Gillibrand talks about what she has done to curb gun control.

Candidates disagree on death penalty.
Both candidates say the approve all tweets.
Both candidates say they have attended political rallies.
Neither candidates has read “50 Shades of Grey”. Neither has Liz. We are unsure on Errol.

7:31: Now onto the cross examination. Sen. Gillibrand asks Wendy Long if she would vote for a bill that includes ten dollars in cuts to one dollar in tax increases. Long dismisses the premise of the question.

7:34: Long asking Gillibrand why she didn’t call for Speaker Sheldon Silver to resign. Gillibrand says she wants to see what comes from the investigation that is ongoing. Doesn’t defend Silver.

7:36: Long circles back to the question of Speaker Silver, instead of responding to Gillibrand’s healthcare response.

7:38: Now asking questions about bipartisanship. Long says she would work with President Obama to find budget cuts. Gillibrand talks about her successes with GOP, says she hopes she could work with Romney on national security.

7:40: Now a question about Israel. Gillibrand says she backs Pres. Obama’s policies in regards to Israel. Long bashes Obama, praises Hillary Clinton’s plan from her 2008 campaign.

7:44: Moving onto Afghanistan. Long says it was not a mistake to go to into Afghanistan. Blasts Obama’s “political” timetable. Gillibrand says she believes we should be out of Afghanistan now. Says we have achieved our goals. Blasts Afghan president Karzai.

7:47: Now onto a question about improving upstate economy and specifically fracking. Gillibrand praises upstates colleges and manufacturing. Says she will push to develop this industry. Liz follows up with a question about hydrofracking. Gillibrand outlines her concerns on fracking before saying she will sign off on it.

7:51: Long blasts Gillibrand’s response. Long says fracking has been study. Says there has been no evidence anywhere that it damages drinking water. Argues that it is costing jobs. Gillibrand fires back attacking Long’s argument that there are not health concerns. Long defends her position.

7:54: Now onto the DREAM Act. Long says Congress needs to take action and the President shouldn’t act on his own. Gillibrand praises the acts and says she hopes there could be common ground on this.

7:57: Closing statements now.