I guess it’s not too early for robocalls after all.

On the heels of this morning’s Siena poll, which found Assemblyman George Latimer in a statistical dead heat with his Republican opponent, Bob Cohen, in the 37th SD race, the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion-Choice Matters has released a robocall in support of the Democratic lawmaker, calling him a “pro-choice leader” and “100 percent pro-choice voice for women.”

The WCLA calls Cohen “anti-choice.” As proof, the organization details on its website its unsuccessful effort to get Cohen to support – or, at the very least, respond to a request for support – the right of women to safely access reproductive health clinics in Westchester County.

The WCLA says Cohen also declined to state his position on the Reproductive Health Act on its candidate questionnaire, and later said he would provide his position on the issue to anyone who asked, but wouldn’t put anything about abortion rights on his campaign literature.

This stands to reason, since Cohen is running on the Conservative Party line. But he has also held himself out as a moderate on some key issues, including raising the minimum wage, which is a key Democratic talking point.

Here’s the text of the WCLA robocall, followed by a recording of the call itself:

“This is WCLA PAC. We send you the yellow pro-choice voting guide. I want to tell you about a pro-choice leader, George Latimer. George Latimer is a 100 percent pro-choice voice for women. George is endorsed by WCLA Choice Matters, Planned Parent Advocates of New York and NARAL. His opponent is anti-choice, and wouldn’t even stand up for women to have safe access to clinics. Vote for George Latimer on Election Day. Your pro-choice vote will make the difference.”