Democratic Rep. Paul Tonko is out with what might just be the most positive TV ad of this election cycle two weeks before voters head to the polls to choose between him and his little-known Republican challenger, Bob Dieterich, in Democrat-dominated NY-27.

The ad shows Tonko driving around the community where he grew up and continues to live, waving cheerily to his neighbors and dropping in on local businesses – all the while giving off a carefully cultivated “I’m one of you, not a member of that Washington crowd” vibe.

Dieterich has been running an underfunded grassroots campaign, and acknowledge during a CapTon interview not long ago that he is by far the underdog in this race.

According to latest FEC filings, Tonko has a little more than half a million dollars cash on hand, while Dieterich had about $50,000.

Tonko, a former assemblyman, is a nearly ubiquitous figure throughout the Capital District. He shows up at all manner of ribbon-cuttings, dedications, press conferences and political events.

This is one of those garden variety “remember I’m running ads” that doesn’t really do anything but remind people to look for a candidate’s name on the ballot.

It’s just this side of hokey, but it gets the “he’s one of us” message across loud and clear.