Good-government group Citizens Union released a report this morning that found more competitive elections take place on the New York City council level than at the state level, which they attribute to in part a public-financing of campaigns.

The group found that public matching may have played a role in the incumbency rate. For nistance, the incumbent re-election rate prior to an increase in the public matching system was 97.7 percent, which is on par with their colleagues success at the state level.

After the public match increased, the incumbent re-election rate droped by 10 percent, with the controversial vote on term limits possibly play a role that year as well.

Citizens Union also points to a system of tight disclosure regulations that govern both disclosure and the personal use of funds that do not exist on the state level.

The public-financing measure is one that’s been blocked in the GOP-led state Senate in the past year, but is supported by the Democratic-controlled Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

CU Report FairElectionsforNY 11-19-2012