I happened to be chatting with former US Sen. Alfonse D’Amato on an unrelated matter earlier today, when he let slip that he and his wife, Katuria, and their two young children are among the Long Islanders still without power 11 days after Sandy struck New York.

Some lights and appliances in the family’s Lido Beach home has been intermittently powered by a generator, the veteran Republican powerbroker-turner-lobbyist said. But generally speaking, they’ve had no heat and no electricity.

(As it turns out, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whom D’Amato supported in 2010, and his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, are in the same boat. Lee revealed to The Journal News yesterday that her house is one of 3,000 in Westchester County that still has no power. The governor has been subsiting on cold, hard-boiled eggs as a result, according to Lee, though the couple does have a generator).

D’Amato also said he had to evacuate his 97-year-old “Mama” from his childhood home in Island Park. The house was minimally flooded. Mama D’Amato is now bunking with Alfonse D’Amato’s brother, Armand, and his family, who do have heat.

D’Amato told me the house he grew up in sustained about $80,000 worth of damage as a result of the water damage, but he feels “blessed” because many of the other homes in the neighborhood fared far worse. His daughter’s Island Park home was so water-logged that it’s going to take up to six months to restore, he said. She and her five kids are going to be renting until they can go home.

“I’ve got to run around and get some gas to keep the generator going, but I feel blessed. Believe me, I’m blessed,” D’Amato said. “Three people drowned in Island Park. Were it not for the volunteer fire department, we would have lost dozens of people. Volunteer fire services from around the state came down to work here. They set up in our fire station and worked around the clock. They were great.”

D’Amato says his family has been told their power might be turned on as early as tomorrow.