YNN’s election night coverage starts at 8 p.m., and we’ll be live for…well, as long as it takes. Until then, here are some headlines to peruse:

Lots of voting problems reported in NYC today – including in some districts that were NOT impacted by Sandy. More here, here, here and here.

NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams, a Brooklyn Democrat, said: “This is absolutely chaos. I didn’t think the BOE could top themselves after the primaries, but they’ve done just that.”

Sporadic problems were reported at polling sites across the country.

Chris Bragg has a nice breakdown of some of the state Senate districts in play. Don’t be surprised to see another one or two wildcards pop up as a result of the storm.

…More on that from Gannett’s Joe Spector.

Mayor Bloomberg had to find his own name on the voter roster when he showed up at his polling site this morning.

President Obama played his traditional Election Day basketball game with Scottie Pippen.

Mitt Romney is predicting a “very solid win” tonight.

Assemblyman Keith Wright, Manhattan Democratic chairman and NYS Democratic co-chair, says turnout in Harlem today was “the same, if not better” than in 2008.

Why some journalists don’t vote.

Dutchess County college students won their lawsuit and got to vote today.

VP Joe Biden voted for himself and said he doesn’t think it’s the last time he’ll do so.

Sen. David Storobin thinks he’s going to benefit from Simcha Felder’s embrace of Romney.

Storobin and Felder are both working hard to get the Orthodox Jewish vote.

NYC parks and beaches will be closed at noon tomorrow as the nor’easter approaches.

Some last-minute cash flowing into various New York races. More here.

Bloomberg’s second sign language interpreter, Pamela Mitchell, who shares press conference duties with the more famous Lydia Callis, is gaining her own following.

As some predict a popular vote/Electoral College split tonight, Bob Liff proposes changing the Electoral College, but not do away with it altogether.

Meet Obama’s oldest volunteer in Warren, OH – she’s 88!