CIA Director David Patreus becomes the latest man in public life to think with a body part other than his brain.

Mitt Romney actually did (marginally) better in New York than John McCain in 2008.

The Empire State Relief Fund has been formed to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Find out more on how to donate here.

Emergency spending for Sandy in New York City nearing $121 million.

As Gov. Andrew Cuomo steers New York through the storm recovery, he’s managing his image carefully at the same time.

How will Cuomo punish LIPA’s painfully slow response to the storm?

President Obama will visit with Sandy victims in New York.

Mayor Bloomberg says he didn’t tell Obama to stay out of the city.

The Long Island Nine are calling on the feds to deal with the Katrina-like disaster on their hands.

Senate Democrats poised to retake the majority say their conference is going to be different.

At the federal level, Sen. Chuck Schumer is optimistic there’s going to be deal on the fiscal cliff.

The New York Power Authority will provide Niagara Falls with $13 million in funds upfront to help with the re-licensing of the Niagara Power Project.

A former counsel to the Department of Taxation and Finance has lost his right to practice law for two years after he was found guilty of misconduct.

Two men were arrested on Long Island in a plot to kill a federal judge and prosecutor.

And because it’s Friday, here’s a tiger cub playing with a chihuahua.