Gov. Andrew Cuomo will travel to Washington, D.C. Monday to lobby for disaster relief cash.

The Supreme Court, after taking most of the day to prepare new orders, took no action today on the ten same-sex marriage pleas now on the docket.

“(U)nless Andrew Cuomo dramatically repositions himself for a run for president in 2016, he may not find the liberal wing of his party backs his bid.”

Mayor Bloomberg continued his defense of ConEd, calling it “virtually the best utility company in the country.”

The state will shell out a maximum of $24,000 for the outside assessment of its fracking public health review.

Homeowners whose properties were badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy will get a reprieve on their water bills. No payments are due until June.

Chris Smith outlines the challenges facing NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio to defeat his main Democratic rival in the 2013 NYC mayor’s race, Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

The NYC Districting Commission will hold a vote on whether to withdraw, update and resubmit the maps – as requested by Quinn. (This appears to be an about-face for the commission).

Three mayoral hopefuls – Quinn, former Bronx BP Adolfo Carrion and Sen. Malcolm Smith – will court the NYC Independence Party this weekend.

Once upon a time, (back when the Democrats were in the minority), now-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was very much opposed to reforming the filibuster.

Hillary Clinton made a running-for-president joke.

Is this a sign? Clinton is expected to follow the lead of her husband and daughter and announce her support for same-sex marriage after she departs the State Department.

Rep. Charlie Rangel on whether Clinton will run: “(S)he has the type of personality, if her nation required a draft, she would answer, she would answer.”

Clinton challenged claims from some Central American leaders that an end to the American “war on drugs” would curtail the violence that has plagued the region.

Cuomo made two economic development announcements today.

Striking fast food workers are back on the job in NYC.

M Public Affairs sent out a snail mail announcement about its newest managing director: Rich Bamberger.

Activists are already suing in anticipation of a constitutional convention.

The Staten Island Democrats have a new website.