Add John Faso to the list of one-time political foes agreeing with the Parole Board’s decision to allow disgraced ex-comptroller Alan Hevesi to leave prison.

Faso, a former state Assembly minority leader who ran against Hevesi and lost narrowly in 2002, said it was in an interview it was time for Hevesi to see his family.

“I agree the Parole Board made the right decision,” Faso said. “I don’t think there’s any further purpose to his serving anymore time in state prison and I think Alan Hevesi ought to go home to his family.”

In his November 2011 parole hearing, Hevesi said he would like to live a “quiet life” if released and possinly work on a book.

Faso, who also ran against Eliot Spitzer for governor in 2006, added, “He’s certainly admitted his guilt in the matter. He served his time.”

Hevesi will be released as late as Dec. 19. His longtime political guru at the center of the case, Hank Morris, was denied parole today.

Faso says he thinks there is still something Hevesi, 72, can still contribute to society.

“Certainly the public humiliation of this has to be tremendous and hopefully he can still do something productive with his life and I think he will, actually,” Faso said.

Earlier in the day CapCon caught up with Hevesi’s 2006 Republican opponent, Saratoga County Treasurer Chris Callaghan, who was similarly gracious about Hevesi leaving prison.