As her Democratic opponent Sean Patrick Maloney trumpets a robocall from former President Bill Clinton that explicitly references rebuilding from Sandy, Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth counters with one of her own: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The high-profile New Jersey governor is very much the face of the storm recovery efforts in his home state, though the call does not reference the disaster.

Still, the call could either be a potent counter to the Clinton call for Maloney, or does have the potential for backfiring should voters believe both candidates are politicizing the storm.

But the Christie robocall does help Hayworth shore up a potential trouble spot for her when it comes to the Democratic push that she would support turning back federal spending for disaster relief that isn’t off set by cuts, a position of top Republican lawmaker Eric Cantor.

Hayworth has since said she doesn’t agree with that position.

Here’s the script of the Christie robocall:

“Hi! This is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. You know, for everyone who lives in the Hudson Valley — I have one strong bit of advice for you: Please vote for Nan Hayworth! You know I’m supporting her, and I hope you will, too.

Nan is a strong, principled woman who has lived in the Hudson Valley for over 24 years. A doctor, a mother, a small business owner, Nan knows that tax relief, spending restraint, and fewer regulations on small business owners is the only way to create new jobs for everyone in the country — she gets it! And I hope Nan will get your vote on November 6.

Thanks for listening to my message. I’m New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.”