Update: So you can pretty much ignore this unless you’re looking for a refresher from when this was released in November of 2011.

Former Comptroller Alan Hevesi described his role in the pay-to-play pension fund scandal that landed him in prison as “moronic” and “criminal” and reiterated to parole officials that he was ultimately responsible for the scandal.

Hevesi, who the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision announced today would be released by Dec. 19 from Midstate Correctional Facility in Oneida County following his parole hearing on Wednesday from last year.

In telling the board why he deserved parole, Hevesi told them that he’s “not a career criminal.”

According to a transcript released today by DOCCS, Hevesi says he wants to focus on his family, which includes several grandchildren and a wife who is in assisted living.

“I’ve made this awful, terrible error. I acknowledged how many people I’ve hurt which I never intended. I’m going to either work — if you think that’s appropriate I’m glad to do that. I’d rather focus no my wife. I’m her connection to the outside world… And I will be a babysitter and I will focus on the family. And I would like to write — I’ve been thinking about a couple of books I want to write. I used to do some academic stuff. So that I would live a quiet life.”

Hevesi also went into detail on his relationship with former political consultant Hank Morris, saying he never realized that his longtime aide’s registering as a placement agent wuold pose a problem.

Hevesi said he was “completely trusting there would be no conflict with us. And then I picked up the paper one day and the Attorney General characterized our operations, and that changed my life for several years.”

He described Morris as an inscrutable aide who was brilliant political tactician, but whose personal life was something of a mystery.

“Strategizing I would go to him because he was very good about it. When it came to politics and the campaigning strategy, we were as close as could be. As I said, I could call him at 3 in the morning and wake him up. When it came to the rest of his life, he was like the KGB, completely secret.”

Hevesi was comptroller from 2003 through 2006. He resigned before taking office in a second term after it was revealed in an unrelated scandal that a state employee had been driving his wife to personal appointments.

In transcript, Hevesi says that driver was needed for security, especially after receiving death threats, one of which included a flattened bird sent to him in a FedEx package.

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