Former Comptroller Alan Hevesi may be out of prison by Dec. 19, but his former political-aide-de-camp and co-conspirator in the pay-to-play pension fund scandal will remain behind bars.

The state Parole Board denied his request to leave prison early, citing his “inability” to understand his state of mind during the scandal is at issue.

“Your repeated assertions of not knowing what your state of mind was for over a 2 year period druing the crime is of grave concern for the board. While the board believes your sincere expression of remorse your inability to understand your state of mind during your criminal conduct prevents avoidance of similar future conduct.”

In February, Morris told the parole board that he didn’t know the scheme to provide hedge funds and other investors with an inside track to the pension fund was illegal and clamied to not know he was under investigation until he read bout in the press.

Morris says he also has kept busy by reading, exercising and helping fellow inmates get their GEDs.
Morris PB Decision Nov. 2012 11R0731