The Independent Oil and Gas Association released a statement this afternoon voicing some initial concerns after reviewing the draft regulations released late Thursday.

In particular, IOGA says setback provisions are more restrictive and that much of the gas in the Southern Tier would be inaccessible.

But the group adds that it’s pleased the process is moving forward. Energy groups had opposed the scrapping of the review process outright, and wanted the state to move forward in the existing framework.

Here’s the statement from IOGA Executive Director Brad Gill:

“After an initial review of the draft regulations, it appears many of the concerns expressed by our members have not been addressed. Setback requirements outlined in the last draft, which already removed nearly 80 percent of the potential shale from use, are even more restrictive in this latest version. As a result, much of the developable shale gas in the Southern Tier will be inaccessible. Nonetheless, we are pleased that there is progress toward ending the four-plus year delay; only time will tell how oil and natural gas producers will now view New York compared to other states.”