Right now the balance of power in the state senate hangs in the balance. With Eric Ulrich’s concession (which our Nick Reisman tweeted), Democrats have 31 seats to Republicans 30 seats with just two that have not been called – the 41st where Terry Gipsen is ahead of Republican incumbent Steve Saland by roughly 1600 votes – and the razor thin race in the 46th District where Democrat Cecilia Tkacyzk holds a narrow 139 vote lead over Republican George Amedore.

During appearances on TALK 1300am this morning, both Republican Senate Campaign Leader Tom Libous and Democratic Senate Campaign Leader Mike Gianaris were optimistic about their chances – for different reasons.

Libous says he is confident that George Amedore will be the winner in the 46th Senate District bringing their total to 31. While the ballots look against them in the other undecided seat, Libous said he wouldn’t give up on Saland’s race yet.

He also discussed other possible ways the GOP could remain in control. Either through the support of the conference by Democrat Simcha Felder, an orthodox Jew who has stated in the past that he’d consider conference with the GOP if he felt it was best for his district. Gianaris dismissed this idea by suggesting that Felder has said he’d be with the Democrats if they were in power. But, as Liz wrote earlier this week, predicting what Felder will do can be difficult to say the least.

Libous also didn’t close the door on the idea Democratic members of the IDC who worked closely with the GOP over the past 2 years. When asked if he had spoken to IDC leader Jeff Klein, Libous said, “I think those conversations will take place shortly, but they haven’t taken place yet.”

Gianaris dismissed this idea as well. Saying that Klein has expressed that he would never vote for a Republican to lead the Senate. Gianaris went on to put some pressure on Democrats who might be considering flipping saying there was a clear mandate for Democrats. He pointed out that several incumbent Republicans faced closer than expected battles, including Greg Ball, Kemp Hannon, and Marty Golden.

Gianaris will be a guest on Capital Tonight this evening. We have also reached out to Senator Libous to see if he is available.