Deputy Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous phoned in to Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 radio show saying that the majority will likely be retained, but noted that his candidates face multiple problems.

In fact, Libous went as far as saying that the Monroe County race between Democrat Ted O’Brien and Republican Sean Hanna may be nearly out of reach due to a variety of factors, not the least of which is the trouble facing GOP House candidate and County Executive Maggie Brooks.

“I would concede that we are not winning that seat, but I’m not so sure that—Siena had us up nine and now him up 11. That’s a pretty good swing,” Libous said in the radio intervew. “But where we’re seeing difficulty is Obama is doing very well up there and unfortunately I’m told our congressional candidate is not doing that well. I think overall it’s a heavily Democratic seat. I think Sean is getting caught up in it.”

Still, he noted that Hanna has received more than $63,000 in help from the SRCC in the last sveral days, which he said is a sign that he’s not giving up.

“I’ll tell you this: We just invested more money up there. We’re not giving up on Sean Hanna,” Libous said. “The polls may show him down substantially. We know that polls can change; we know that behavioral patterns can change. We’re still in there fighting right until the end, and you never know—lightning could always strike.”

Libous, the top Republican fundraiser for the conference, added that Queens Republican Senate candidate Eric Ulrich has had a difficult time in recent days following the devastation from Hurricane Sandy in his district.

Ulrich, whose wife recently had a baby, hasn’t been able to campaign as much (Sen. Joe Addabbo, the Democratic lawmaker he hopes to unseat, probably has had a difficult time trying to get his people care about Tuesday’s election as well).

“The storm has changed the dynamic of a number of things,” Libous said, adding that he’s proud the Senate GOP has managed to run a competitive race in the New York City district.