Chris Matthews, the bullhorned-voiced MSNBC commentator, was so overjoyed that President Obama won a second term that he credited Superstorm Sandy for making it happen.

“I’m go glad we had that storm,” Matthews said, not because of the damage, but because it allowed for “good politics.”

The point, ostensibly, is that the storm a week before the election allowed Obama to appear “presidential” by touring the damage with New Jersey Gov. Christie, showing that govenrmne can respond to emergencies and smothered what media exposure Mitt Romney might have gained at the end.

Of course, everyone at that point was focused on the horrendous devastation from the storm, along with the houses and lives lost.

Among those houses destoryed were Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long, who wasn’t amused with Matthews being so glib. The homes of Long, Rep. Bob Turner and nearly 80 others in Breezy Point in Queens were destroyed when a storm-releated fire ripped through the neighborhood.

In letter to officials at MSNBC, Long invites Matthews to area in Breezy Point “where my house once stood” and called on them to fire him.

Chris Matthews has crossed the line and must be fired for his callous disregard for the plight of the thousands of residents in Breezy Point, Gerritsen Beach (and all affected areas of Brooklyn and Queens) Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Orange Counties and New Jersey who felt the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

Chris Matthews said last night on the Rachael Maddow Show, “I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

His callous disregard, his complete lack of understanding of the devastation, his inability to relate to how much everyone has lost; over 100 deaths, thousands of homes and all the contents, businesses wiped out, cars and boats completely destroyed, lives that will never be the same.

I personally invite Mr. Matthews to the spot where my house once stood in Breezy Point. Let him see the devastation, let him smell the remnants of the fire, let him help clean the area, let him face the people who have lost everything to the ravages of Sandy.

I urge him to accept my invitation, but I believe Chris Matthews would rather sit in the safety of a warm television station than tell the residents of Breezy, in person, face to face, “I’m so glad we had that storm.”

It is a breach of ethics to have a man who makes such a callous statement after such devastation continue to have a platform and be able to spew such indifference with so many people still suffering without heat, electricity, and the simple comforts of an everyday life.

Fire Chris Matthews immediately.