Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos appeared on Fox News this morning to once again renew his request for more federal aid from Washington as thousands remain without power.

And like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Skelos blasted the Long Island Power Authority (which Cuomo has direct oversight of), for not being prepared for the storm and subsequent nor’easter.

“LIPA has totally failed — that’s our power authority — in terms of communicating to the public in terms of when power will be restored and they admit that and they were not prepared for this hurricane and the nor’easter that came after,” Skelos said, adding there is “total frustration” with the utility.

Skelos, who may or may not be majority leader come January, previously signed on to a news release which featured him and the Republican conference’s eight other Long Island senators urging the federal government for help.

And today Skelos again compared the storm’s aftermath to the impact Hurricane Katrina had on the Gulf Coast in 2005.

“Our water supply system has to be rebuilt,” he said. “This is something the federal government has experience in doing and I know local officials would welcome them with open arms.”

H/t Politics on the Hudson.