Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said in a statement this afternoon that he wants more help from the federal government to aid storm-ravaged Long Island.

Skelos, a Nassau County Republican, said in the statement that he’s worked well with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but Wednesday’s Nor’easter has made things much more complicated and perilous heading into the colder months.

His statement:

Working with local officials and others, Governor Cuomo is doing everything he can to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. I have been in constant contact with the Governor, and we have worked together on New York State’s response.

However, it’s time that the federal government does much more about the devastation and death brought by this terrible storm, made worse by last night’s Nor’easter. With winter approaching, hundreds of thousands remain without power, and countless others will soon need to be housed and fed before we face the prospect of people freezing to death in their homes.

The snowstorm has indeed made things more difficult for officials downstate.

Cuomo, and earlier Mayor Michael Bloomberg, announced that New YOrk City, along with Nassau and Suffolk counties will be implementing temporary gasoline rationing in the region after fuel distribution efforts were hampered.

There is some good news today, however. The MTA announced limited L train service between Brooklyn and Manhattan today, a sign that the city’s transportation infrastructure is making its comeback.