The New York State Bar Association in a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo released today weighed in on the seven potential nominees for a vacancy on the Court of Appeals, rating six of them “well qualified.”

The only candidate as recommended by the state Commission on Judicial Nomination to be deemend not qualified for the job was Margarita Rosa, the executive director of Grand Street Settlement. Interestingly, Rosa served in the administration of Gov. Mario Cuomo in the Division of Human Rights.

Cuomo must pick a candidate between Jan. 1 and Jan. 15 for Senate confirmation.

“We reviewed each candidate’s background, studied their decisions and/or writings and interviewed those who know them. Personal interviews were conducted with each candidate. While the specific matters discussed with each nominee varied, they generally included background, experience and temperament to serve as Associate Judge,” wrote Bar Association president Seymour James in the letter to Cuomo.

Cuomo has another vacancy on the court to fill following the death of Judge Theodore Jones in November.

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