Governors going to Washington DC is not normally news.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn’t really a normal governor.

Cuomo is in Washington today to lobby for more than $40 billion in Sandy aid, and meet with a variety of officials, including House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. An updated public schedule from this morning had him penciled in for a White House meeting at 12:30, though President Obama’s name was not included.

Naturally, the Cuomo-to-DC talk made for some brief buzz today, given the perception he’s planning to run for the White House in 2016.

Cuomo has sought to dispel any notion here in New York that he’s seeking the presidency four years from now.

In the rare instance that he does leave the state, he flies immediately home. Cuomo kept a low profile at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, speaking only to the New York delegation and then flying back to New York the same night. He followed that same playbook earlier for a big-dollar California fundraiser.

But the devastation and rebuilding post-Sandy has given Cuomo high marks from voters. He’s also broken what appeared to be a moratorium on giving high-profile national press interviews, all in the context of the storm and the need to rebuild with other extreme weather events in mind.

Even before the trip to Washington, Cuomo was hesitant to say he would go and joked to a reporter, “If I went to Washington now, what story would you write?”

The DC trip is yet another exception to the rule of keeping a low national profile for Cuomo: If something helps New York, he is compelled to do it.

“This governor is very sensitive to the notion that media and talking heads will say he’s doing it because he’s running for president,” said Siena College poll spokesman Steve Greenberg. “But I think voters would be a little bit upset with the governor if he wasn’t fighting for New York state. People may say he’s doing it because of his presidential ambitious or Washington ambitious. But I think this shows the governor being the governor.”