Gov. Andrew Cuomo would leave it up to operators and the community as to where casinos would be built, he said at this morning’s cabinet meeting.

The state Legislature this session was still pass enabling legislation for a constitutional amendment in order to expand casino gaming in New York.

The measure would allow up to seven casinos across the state, though where they are built could be a major political battle on the horizon later next year.

Cuomo today said he would like to see competition among the casino operators bidding to run the locations.

“I would like to see a competition where we have the ability and opportunity to attract the most exciting, aggressive proposals from the best operators in the world and then we get to pick the best options,” he said. “My druthers would be a more flexible process so we could get the best operators.”

As for where they would Cuomo didn’t want to suggest where the casinos might be built.

“They could know regions or parts of the state, but I wouldn’t say — I wouldn’t limit it by picking a location because that assumes you’re picking the best location from a market point of view,” he said. “I would leave it to the operators, the experts, you tell me within these regions of the state, where would you cite it to maximize job growth, to maximize economic opportunity.”

The governor said individual communities should have some sort of say in whether they would like a casino in their hometowns, but what that role make actually look like is unclear.

“There are a number of ways you can include the voice of the community… I believe the community should have a voice. Whether or not it’s a vote, I don’t know if I want to get into elections and holding elections, but the feeling of the community is relevant and important,” he said.