Gov. Andrew Cuomo praised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “incredibly popular” but held off on speculating whether she would run for president in 2016 or if he would support her bid.

 “It’s a long way away, we just elected a president,” Cuomo said on Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 radio show. “There’s no doubt she’s incredibly popular.”

He added, “She has great experience and there’s going to be all sorts of speculation about her political future.”

Clinton, who plans to step down before President Obama is sworn in for a second term next month, has been the source of intense speculation that she would make another White House run in four years time.

Cuomo, too, has been rumored to be interested in running, though a Clinton campaign would likely clear the the Democratic primary field of series challengers.

Clinton is expected to take some time off in 2013, though a possible book is in the works.

Cuomo served in the cabinet of former President Bill Clinton as the Housing and Urban Development secretary, and he frequently cites Clinton as one of two major influences in his life (the other being his father, ex-Gov. Mario Cuomo).

Pressed by Dicker a little, Cuomo jokingly floated members of the Capitol press corps for president.

“Are you running? Is (AP bureau chief) Mike Gormley running?”