Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it is doubtful that a special session could take place sometime in the coming days, but did confirm on Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 radio show that preliminary talks on gun control are being held.

“The only thing that’s going to happen in the next few days is Christmas,” he said.

When Dicker asked if there would be a special session before the end of the year, Cuomo said, “I highly doubt it.”

Word broke late Wednesday that Cuomo was pushing for a special session as soon as today or Friday to push for gun control measures, while others didn’t rule out a post-Christmas session. The prevailing theory is that Cuomo wants New York to be the first state to pass new gun control laws following the latest mass shooting that left 27 people dead.

Cuomo said this morning that the talks have been on the State of the State and what items may be included in a legislative package.

Still, Cuomo said he would be open to revising the state’s assault weapons ban, which he said contains far too many loopholes. Cuomo didn’t rule out confiscation of assault weapons that fit through the loophole.

“Our focus is assault weapons,” he said. “What is an assault weapon? In this state ban, there’s more holes than Swiss cheese.”

He added, “You could say that confiscation could be an option… permiting could be an option. Keep your gun but permit it”

Another option is Cuomo and lawmakers may take a look at high-capacity firearms and how readily available they are.

“This is working on many dimensions, one of which is the high capacity guns and the availability of these guns,” he said. “”I don’t think legitimate sportsmen are going to say I need an assault weapon to go hunting.”

Cuomo, who revealed that he owns a shotgun for hunting, reiterated that he believes the onus is on the federal government to enact gun control legislation following the Connecticut elementary school shooting, but that states should also seek to tighten their own regulations for firearms (a source noted that Cuomo keeps a trigger lock on the shotgun and stores it in a locked case. It hasn’t been used since he was elected governor).

Any gun-control legislation would have to pass a Senate led by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats and the Senate GOP has blocked measures such as microstamping of bullet casings, a provision that the governor did not mention in his interview with Dicker this morning.