Gov. Andrew Cuomo phoned in to former Gov. David Paterson’s WOR show late this afternoon, saying he hoped a supplemental aid package might get done soon so as to provide certainty to New York’s budget.

Cuomo has requested more than $40 billion in aid, which has been bundled with requests from other states for damage from Hurricane Sandy, including New Jersey and Connecticut.

A $40 billion to $50 billion figure total request from the White House, for the East Coast has been floated but no firm number has emerged.

Cuomo told Paterson he spoke with President Obama today about the request.

“It is a lot of money, we know that, but it is a lot of damage,” Cuomo said.

While the governor says he wants every dollar possible, Cuomo told Paterson he wants the issue resolved soon.

“I’d prefer the certainty to a number sooner and then down the road we always have the ability to do a second request,” Cuomo said.

The impact of the damage from Sandy and the subsequent loss of tax revenue and business activity hasn’t been quantified for the state budget.

The Division of Budget in its mid-year update released late last month noted that a final figure on Sandy’s impact would likely be available in January and is contingent on the size of the aid request.

Pre-Sandy the state’s budget deficit was less than $1 billion, a relatively manageable figure considering the large gaps of recent cycles.

When it comes to the state Senate, Cuomo sound somewhat more upbeat about the prospects of a coalition government led by five independent Democrats and Senate Republicans.

Cuomo, who has been criticized by commentators on the left for not advocating for a Democratic takeover of the chamber, told Paterson that he didn’t want to get involved in the internal deliberations.

“They do their own thing … but they’re going to have to perform,” he said.

But he warned if the chamber descends into chaos “there’s going to be a true issue.”

Cuomo has a lot riding on the issue, considering that he has made functional government a cornerstone of his time in office.

“They all say, let us vote,” Cuomo said of the Senate. “We all support the minimum wage, we all support campaign finance reform. They’re all saynig the right things now. All three conferences.”