Good-government and advocacy groups are cheering Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s proposal to require disclosure from tax-exempt groups that fund expensive political campaigns in New York.

Schneiderman’s proposal comes as state lawmakers prepare to debate once again a public financing of campaigns on the state level that could see the adoption of a matching program based off the New York City system (Senate Republicans have blocked efforts to institute public financing).

Schneiderman’s proposal also comes after independent expenditure groups in the state Senate funded expensive campaigns on behalf of both Republicans and Democrats.

Lawmakers are limited in how they can limit IE groups, citing the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision that is largely blamed for the flow of unregulated cash into campaigns.

Common Cause’s Susan Lerner says Schneiderman’s proposal is a needed one.

“The flow of unregulated money to 501 (c) (4) organizations has cloaked our democracy in secrecy, allowing anonymous donors to influence the political process. Attorney General Schneiderman’s draft regulation to force public disclosure of 501 (c) (4) dollars is a bold step toward lifting the veil on political spending in New York State. Common Cause looks forward to participating in planned public hearings to help develop the best rules possible.”

Schneiderman will be Liz’s guest on Capital Tonight this evening at 8 and the replay at 11:30.