Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who did a flurry of press interviews yesterday (including sitting down with our own Liz B.) to tout his proposal to force 501(c)4 organizations that engage in political activity to reveal their donors, appeared on Eliot Spitzer’s Current TV show, “Viewpoints.”

Spitzer, in addition to being a former governor, sat in Schneiderman’s chair as attorney general from 1999 through 2007, earning the reputation as the “sheriff of Wall Street.”

In the interview, Schneiderman said the disclosure of the groups was needed in order to shine a light on “dark money” funding smear ads.

“There’s no question that since Citizen United was decided in 2010, we have seen an extraordinary increase in the amounts being spent,” the current AG told Current’s former AG. “Frankly a lot of the time when people want to conceal their identity they want to do it because these organizations pay for the worst ads. When you’re paying for the slimiest ad of all time, you probably don’t want your name associated to it.”

Around the same time Schneiderman was doing these interviews, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told Public Radio’s Karen Dewitt he would be introducing his own plan to forc disclosure of non-profit organizations that fund political activities with little to no disclosure.

Cuomo and Spitzer do not get along.