Sen. Bill Perkins issued a fiery statement this afternoon ripping into the coalition of independent Democrats and Republicans in the state Senate and called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to intercede.

Perkins called on Cuomo to “stand up for representative government and against the plantation politics of backroom deals putting us on the back of the bus!”

Cuomo, a Democrat who did not endorse a full takeover of the chamber by his party but backed individual lawmakers from IDC, Democratic and Republican conferences, has insisted he is staying out of the leadership fight in the chamber.

The Perkins statement comes a day after mainline Democrats in a 19-6 vote backed Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, an African-American from Yonkers, to succeed Senate Minority Leader John Sampson.

Stewart-Cousins for the Democrats a candidate who touches important constituencies and it helps that she represents a suburban community.

In the statement, Perkins blasts the IDC-GOP alliance as one that threatens the approval of progressive measures ranging from an increase to the state’s minimum wage, campaign finance reform, the New York version of the Dream Act and LGBT issues.

Says Perkins: “If things happened as they have traditionally, this partnership of Progressive Senators, African American, white and Latino would hold critical Senate Chairmanships. We would preside on committees dealing with housing, criminal justice, the judiciary and education. These are the very issues that are of the greatest importance, not merely to people of color, but to all working people, poor people, immigrants, students, single moms, teachers and the LGBT community. But, backroom deals, threatening this vital agenda, are putting us back on the back of the bus!

If there’s any chance that the IDC, which now includes African-American Queens Sen. Malcolm Smith, would return to the Democratic fold, they’ve given no indication of it. And the IDC-GOP coalition has insisted that their power-sharing agreement won’t shut out issues concerning the state’s minority community.

But Perskins’ statement highlights the frustration that has emanated from both black and Latino lawmakers that the coalition government has shut them out of power in the chamber once again.

The Rev. Al Sharpton held a passionate rally earlier this month condemning the IDC, though he has so refrained from blaming Cuomo for the situation in the chamber.

Perkins blasted out a news release that initially referred to “Gov. Mario Cuomo” — the current governor’s father. It was later corrected with a different version sent out.

Senator Bill Perkins Speaks Out Against Back of the Bus Politics (2)