In an interview set to air on WAMC-FM, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told Capitol Connection host Alan Chartock that he was impressed with the organizational ability of anti-fracking activists who have been put together a sustained campaign to block the controversial natural-gas extraction process.

“Clearly the activists who have raised concerns about hydrofracking have had a huge impact, and slowed the process done and there are obviously going to be a lot of limits put out if it’s allowed to go forward in New York state. Just looking at from a purely interested observer, this has been an incredible piece of organizing work that the activists have done and the state to galvanize public opinion on it and I think the state has responded to take a very careful approach on it and I’m interested in what they come up with,” Schneiderman said.

Schneiderman has pushed the federal government to full an environmental impact review of gas drilling operations in the Delaware River basin, though the lawsuit he filed was tossed by a judge in September.

Schneiderman also said he would like to see both the state and federal government work quickly to tighten gun control regulations, including a system for more rigorous background checks and licensing, following last week’s school shooting in Connecticut.

A special session of the state Legislature to deal with the issue post-Christmas hasn’t been completely ruled out by state officials, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said gun control will be a priority agenda item in 2013.

“I think the public is demanding action,” Schneiderman said in the interview. “I think in New York state if they have a special session or do something early in the coming year, this is the moment to strike.”

The interview airs tonight at 10:30 and tomorrow at 1 p.m.