A day after Republican George Amedore announced he had submitted his oath of office with the state Board of Elections even as his Democratic opponent Cecilia Tkaczyk is yet to exhaust her legal options, Sen. Neil Breslin slammed the GOP assemblyman in a statement, calling it an “alarming disregard” for voters.

“Yesterday’s announcement from Mr. Amedore is nothing more than a blatant attempt to circumvent the democratic process. The idea of seating an individual before the election results are finalized is deeply disturbing and demonstrates an alarming disregard to the rights of the voters he is purporting to represent. It is critical that the judicial process be completed and all the votes counted before either candidate is sworn into office.”

Amedore’s 37-vote victory in the 46th Senate District was certified by acting Montgomery County Judge Guy Tomlinson, but Tkaczyk is appealing and a court hearing is due Monday. In his statement announcing the oath of office filing, Amedore noted that “I have tremendous respect for the appellate process, and look forward to a swift decision.”

With an Amedore victory, Republicans would have a 33-member majority in the chamber, plus a power-sharing arrangement with the five-member Independent Democratic Conference.

The newly drawn SD-46, which was added by the GOP during the redistricting process in order to hold and expand their majority in the chamber, stretches from the Mohawk Valley to the Hudson Valley.