As Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushes for both campaign finance reform and the strongest gun control laws in the nation, the Center for Working Families is tying both those issues together.

The group sent an email to supporters today noting that after four years of political contributions from the National Rifle Association to state lawmakers, gun control measures have been largely bottled up.

The NRA has donated $381,205 to politicial campaigns and party committees in the last two election cycles, which the CWF says has “stymied” gun control.

The CWF says the solution is a “New York City-style campaign finance system, which would use a 6-1 match of small contributions. This Fair Elections proposal would counteract the influence of big money and empower regular voters.”

Lawmakers this year are on the verge of agreeing to a gun control deal, though no accord could be reached before lawmakers left Albany for the week.

Cuomo is pushing for an updated assault weapons ban, as well as limits on high-capacity magazines.

As for campaign finance, Cuomo backs the public financing of campaigns, but spent more time pushing an agressive disclosure law that would require contributions above $500 to a PAC, political committee, tax-exempt 501(c)3 groups and lobbynig organizations within 48 hours.

As we’ve written before, it may be easier for Cuomo to put in place a disclosure law as opposed to publicly financed campaigns, which Senate Republicans oppose.