A coalition of good-government, advocacy, labor and labor-aligned groups are urging U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer to enact fillibuster reform in the chamber, writing in a letter sent today that the delay tactic has hurt the legislative process in Washington and blocked federal judges from taking their seats.

The groups released a series of reform suggestions that include streamlining the nomination process, eliminating the fillibuster on the motion to proceed, and require that those who want to block legislation or nominations take the floor in the chamber and actually speak (i.e. like something out of “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” )

The groups also want a rule that stipulates 41 senators must vote to continue debate rather than have 60 lawmakers vote to end it.

“These reforms are in the best interest of our democratic system. Reducing post-cloture debatetime would help you fill the long-standing judicial vacancies that have plagued New York’sfederal district courts, and would significantly benefit other states as well,” they wrote in their letter.

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