Gov. Andrew Cuomo had strong words for House Republicans who failed to pass the $60.4 billion supplemental aid package for New York and New Jersey, but he downplayed the impact the delay in aid approval would have on the state budget and its deficit.

“I believe it was a dereliction of duty,” Cuomo said at a cabinet meeting earlier today. “I believe that government matters and the functioning of government matters. And to leave New York and New Jersey and thousands of people in this holiday season on their own and abandoned was wrong and disgraceful in a lot of ways. I think it was unprecedented when you look at how this nation responded in the past.”

The aid package includes billions of dollars for reconstruction projects, $11.5 billion in direct insurance assistance and reimbursements for local governments.

Cuomo has said the budget deficit — projected to be under $1 billion prior to the storm — is difficult to estimate because of the uncertainty over the supplemental aid package.

Today he said the impact of the aid not being approved by the Republican-led House is greater on the families, businesses and local municipalities impacted by Sandy.

“It’s going to be less about the state budget, it’s going to be more of an impact on individual families and local governments,” Cuomo said.

The concern for the budget would likely heighten if an aid package were not passed weeks from now. A scheme in which smaller amounts of aid was passed on a rolling basis is also not desirable, from Cuomo’s point of view.

The proposed state budget is due to be released by Cuomo in February, with the State of the State being delivered next Wednesday. A spending plan must be passed by April 1, the start of the state’s fiscal year.

Cuomo praised the Democrats and Republicans in the state’s Congressional delegation who had pushed to no avail for the Sandy aid, including Long Island GOP Rep. Peter King. Cuomo himself traveled to Washington to personally lobby for the aid.

“I don’t think it was a question of them not understanding,” Cuomo said when asked if he thought his lobbying trip was a bust. “Everyone understood the need.”