As detailed by NYPIRG numbers guru Bill Mahoney, the vast majority of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s contributions since December 2010 have come from well-heeled donors giving him $10,000 and more.

Cuomo yesterday announced his latest fundraising figures, raising $4 million and has $22.4 million in the bank.

Mahoney’s analysis found that 39 percent of Cuomo’s donors have given his 2014 re-election campaign $40,000 and more over the last two years.

Cuomo’s coffers are benefitting from a loophole in the state’s campaign finance laws that allow business subsidiaries or LLCs to give far more cash than the state’s already sky-high limits on contributions.

If Cuomo doesn’t face a primary opponent, he will have to refund as much as $19,700 to those who have more than $41,100.

Cuomo is pushing new campaign finance laws that include public financing of campaigns and a new donor disclosure law.

Cuomo Fundraising Dec 10 Through Jan 13 by Nick Reisman