Sen. Ruben Diaz is out with his latest “What You Should” discussion, in which he speculates why fellow Democratic Sen. Eric Adams took a committee chairmanship offered to him by the majority coalition of independent Democrats and Republicans.

Diaz speculates that Adams accepted the top post at the Senate Committee Aging either because it could ingratiate him with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, because of the so-called “lulu” or stipend for committee chairs, or out of revenge for his ally Sen. John Sampson losing his position of minority leader.

“However, all of these questions – Was it ignorance? Was it vengeance? Or was it pure greed? – that people are asking me and the possible reasons for Senator Adams jumping ship and joining Governor Andrew Cuomo and those working behind closed doors to keep the Republicans in power and us minorities in the back seat of the bus, can only be properly answered by Eric Adams himself,” Diaz wrote this morning.

Diaz also suggests that Adams was offered the chairmanship out of “tokenism” because of criticism that the the coalition has shut out black and Hispanic leaders.

Sen. James Sanders, a freshman Democrat from Queens, was also offered the chairmanship of the Senate Alcoholism and Drug Abuse panel, which he declined after a news release announced he wouldn’t take it.