Comptroller Tom DiNapoli in a statement said his office “just learned” of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to defer pension costs in the near-term for local governments against savings in the out years.

The plan would allow local governments to lock-in rates for a period of years in order to save costs today and even excelerate the potential cost-savings for the new Tier Six pension plan.

The move could save up to $12 million for Syracuse, or 4 percent of the financially truobled city’s budget, Cuomo said in the budget address.

DiNapoli, who had proposed a similar plan for pension cost smoothing, said in a statement that his office was reviewing the proposal.

Three quarters of the way into the current fiscal year, our budget has only stayed in balance because the state limited spending and used one-time windfalls. We face stubbornly slow growth in our economy, significant out-year budget gaps and a debt burden that is among the highest in the nation. Adopting a budget in the face of these challenges will not be easy, but we cannot afford to take shortcuts.

My office just learned of the Governor’s financing proposal for the state pension fund, and we are examining it from the perspective of our fiduciary responsibility. New York has one of the strongest pension funds in the country because it has been managed with fiscal discipline over the years. Too many other states have failed to adequately fund their pensions and taxpayers ended up paying the price.

Division of Budget Director Robert Megna said in his budget briefing with reporters that his office briefed DiNapoli prior to the speech on the proposal.

In a tweet, DiNapoli’s office says staff was briefed “late in the day” on pension fund proposal.