The gubernatorial panel established to recommend a host of education reforms and priorities produced a series of ideas that Gov. Andrew Cuomo himself earlier today admitted would be a heavy lift.

The proposals announced by commission chairman Dick Parsons would expand pre-K and Kindergarten to a full day, lengthen the school year and create a so-called “bar exam” to ensure teacher competency.

Cuomo said he agreed with the proposals for an expanded school year and full-day Kindergarten, but was doubtful such moves were financially feasible for a state that already spends the most on education in the county.

Extending the school year Cuomo said would be “highlight controversial, as well as expensive.”

Still, Cuomo has long railed about the “education bureaucracy” in the state that he says has ignored students and cost taxpayers too much money.

The commission is due to release a second report later this year.

At today’s cabinet meeting, Cuomo reiterated that he would not extend the deadline for the school districts that have not come to agreements with their local bargaining units on the local criteria for teacher evaluations.

The full report released today is below.

Education Reform Commission Report