Unlike in previous years, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not be giving legislative leaders a chance to speak at next week’s State of the State. (The IDC effect?)

Cuomo will deliver his executive budget on Jan. 22 – the very last day possible.

On his first full day out of Congress in more than three decades, former Rep. Barney Frank is trying to return – as an appointee to Secretary of State-in-waiting John Kerry’s Senate seat.

Mayor Bloomberg criticized the pork in the Sandy disaster aid bill, but again declined to slam House Speaker John Boehner for delaying the vote.

Sean Hannity called Cuomo ” a prisoner of the left wing in New York,” which is “not exactly the kind of record you want to run on for the White House.”

NYC mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion hired his daughter as a consultant and also paid $60,000 to Bloomberg’s pollster, Doug Schoen.

Rep. Jerry Nadler’s trillion-dollar coin idea to circumvent the looming debt ceiling battle is gaining steam.

The New York Observer‘s new editor-in-chief, Ken Kurson, is a political consultant, longtime professional associate of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and close friend of the paper’s owner, Jared Kushner, and Kushner’s father.

Newly-minted Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney almost missed casting his vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi because he had to care for his suddenly sick 10-year-old daughter.

Maloney delivered his first floor speech about the delayed Sandy aid vote.

NYC agencies spent $154.1 million on Sandy-related overtime, most of which was for sanitation, fire, police and parks.

A Vegas blackjack dealer apologized on Facebook to former-Rep. Anthony Weiner for her role in the scandal that forced him from office.

The Manhattan GOP is essentially bankrupt.

Educators4Excellence, an education advocacy group backed by Bill Gates, and the UFT are running dueling teacher evalution ads.

Anti-illegal gun advocate Bloomberg’s “instincts” tell him gun owners’ names and addresses should not be made public, though he admits it’s perfectly legal to do so.

The fiscal cliff deal brought some under-the-radar changes to health care.

Fracking supporters have targeted Matt Damon for his new movie, “Promised Land.”

Anti-fracking activists will demonstrate outside Cuomo’s birthday party/fundraiser at the Waldorf Astoria next Monday.

The Advocate named Sen. Tammy Baldwin – the first openly gay member of the upper house – its person of the year.

The New York Giants will not be returning to UAlbany this summer for training camp.

RIP Andrew O’Rourke, former Westchester county executive and one-time gubernatorial candidate.