Despite being “95 percent of the way there” a deal for a gun control package that would have a new assault weapons ban at its centerpiece remains elusive so far this evening.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told reporters earlier today that technical issues remain over the finer details.

“It’s a very complex deal, you’re dealing with the penal law, you don’t want a court to upset a conviction because words are vague so you have to be very careful with how you draft penal legislation and there are a couple a points that we don’t agree to,” he said.

Talks — which ran through the evening last night here at the Capitol — remain ongoing, he said.  

“There’s stil discussions going on. I think they’ve been positive in terms of moving forward, but there’s more work to be done on that,” Silver said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his State of the State address today called for the strictest gun control measures in the nation, which include limits on high-capacity magazines and stronger sentencing for the use of illegal guns.

“I think my conference is ready to do it, whenever it’s ready,” Silver said, who has told his members to prepare for the possibility of staying through the week to vote on a gun control package.

Senate Democrats — who are pushing to keep pressure on the GOP-IDC coalition that now governs the chamber — said in a statement they too would be ready to pass the measure this week.

“Before yet another avoidable tragedy occurs we must pass sensible gun laws including an expansion of the assault weapon ban,” Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy said. “The Senate Democratic Conference stands ready to come back immediately and get this done. Any more delay by Senate Republicans proves they are too extreme and out of touch with New York’s progressive values.”