A gun control deal is thisclose up at the Capitol – so close that members of the Legislature have been told to be prepared to remain in Albany for a possible special session tomorrow at which they would be asked to vote on the agreement, according to multiple legislative sources.

According to one source, there is bill language and the measure is in bill drafting. However, another source said that the deal is not 100 percent done, and pieces are being sent to bill drafting as agreements are reached.

So far, I haven’t managed to determine what the final sticking points are, but we’ll likely be hearing some details soon enough from the governor when he delivers his State of the State address.

I spoke to at least one lawmaker who was less than thrilled with the idea of vrushing to vote on a gun control bill tomorrow, which would require a message of necessity from the governor to circumvent the three-day aging process.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as you’ll recall, said he wanted to curtail the use of messages of necessity, which good government advocates have decried because they prevent lawmakers from actually reading bills before casting any votes on them.

But Cuomo has often used messages on big ticket items – like the Tier 6, redistricting, DNA database etc. agreement; the same-sex marriage bill and the tax reform deal.

His justification: Deals on controversial issues have a habit of falling apart in Albany, and the longer you wait after striking a deal to codify it, the more time opponents (or, as the governor says, “special interests”) have to organize and move to kill agreements.

This is a fluid situation, and we’ll be reporting on it throughout the day.