Republican Sen. Greg Ball and Fox News host Sean Hannity squared off against Democratic Sen. Mike Gianaris last night over the state’s gun control law that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law yesterday.

Gianaris, who kept his cool after both Hannity and later Ball accused him of being “on drugs” sought to cast the gun control law as not necessarily revolutionary, but a measure designed to update an existing ban from 1994.

“We’re not saying criminals aren’t going to commit crimes,” said Gianaris, D-Queens. “We’re saying we’re going to make it as difficult as possible for those criminals to exert the maximum amount of pain and death possible.”

Hannity wasn’t having any of it, suggesting that the measure puts New Yorkers at risk.

“You got to be on drugs, with all due respect,” Hannity said. “If you’re thinking that the criminals are going to obey the laws, you’re not thinking straight.”

Ball, who is no stranger to cable TV lately and stridently opposed to the gun control law, later concurred with Hannity when it came to Gianaris’s saying Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t want to confiscate firearms.

“You may be on drugs if you don’t think that Cuomo wants to confiscate,” he said.

The whole thing is very much worth a watch if you’re in to shouty debates on cable news.

I can’t figure out a way to embed the video of the interview, so here’s Weezer’s “We Are All On Drugs” via YouTube.

Update: Here’s the video of the interview. I’m keeping the Weezer song, though, even if it isn’t on the Blue Album.