Legislative leaders in Albany are hopeful a vote will come today for new gun control measures that expand the state’s assault weapons ban, limit high-capacity magazines and close loopholes in a law providnig for the forced hospitalization the mentally ill.

Assembly Speaker Silver told reporters this afternoon Gov. Andrew Cuomo has indicated a message of necessity will be issued to wave the three day aging requirement.

Sen. Jeff Klein, the co-president of the Senate and the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference, also expected a vote sometime today on the legislation and expressed confidence that the GOP conference would allow a vote to move forward.

Earlier this morning, Republican Sen. Tom Libous said in a Talk-1300 radio interview that a gun control measure was “inevitable” but it remained unknown when the measure would be voted on.

Still, no deal has been officially announced, and Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy said an agreement had not been formally reached.

So far, state officials have agreed to a new ban on assault weapons that updates the 1994 law to close all loopholes.

The agreement would also strengthen penalties for the use of illegal weapons, according to a Republican source. There will be increased penalties for use of gun in the commission of a crime and bringing a gun on schools as well as an increase in penalties for the use of illegal guns.

Clips would be limited to seven rounds. At the same time, a “significant” expansion of Kendra’s Law would give judges greater latitude in finding services for people with mental illnesses, Silver said.

According to Silver, sticking points remain over providing some form of reimbuirsement for security at schools.