Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long warned today that Senate Republicans risk eroding their base in New York after allowing a vote on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun control legislation that updates the state’s assault weapons ban.

“I think they made a very serious mistake and I think they took the analogy that there are less gun owners downstate than there are upstate and I think that’s a mistake,” Long said in a phone interview. “There are many people who are gun owners throughout downstate and Long Island and I think they erode their own base by their action.”

Long wouldn’t say whether the bill’s passage — which 18 Republicans in the conference ultimately voted against — would ultimately mean a loss of support from the influential Conservative Party or from the National Rifle Association.

“I think more importantly gun owners and sportsmen whuile they won’t vote for liberal Democratic opponents, they may just not vote, period,” Long said.

This isn’t the first time Republicans have gone against the wishes of Long and the Conservative Party. In 2011, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos went forward with a vote that legalized same-sex marriage in New York, which four GOP lawmakers supported.

Of those four, one retired and two lost their seats due to right-flank challenges. Only Sen. Mark Grisanti of Buffalo remains.

But this year, Senate Republicans are in a power-sharing agreement with the five-member Independent Democratic Conference. Republican and IDC leaders point to the collaboration that produce stronger criminal penalties in the bill — provisions that Long said he approved.

The second amendment provisions, however, don’t go far enough for the chairman.

“I’m encouraged by some of the parts of the bill,” Long said. “Why do we have to punish innocent citizens who own guns to accomplish that? Why do we have to take liberty and freedom away who are legitimate honest citizens?”

Long also blasted the measure as a “political charade” that only boosts Cuomo’s political standing by being the first state in the nation to pass gun control legislation, even before the federal government and Obama administration can do something on the issue.

“I think it’s a big mistake on those individuals who voted for this political charade by Andrew Cuomo who only did this to get in front of Vice President Biden who is going to be one of his opponents in 2016,” he said. “This legislation won’t save anybody’s life.”