Assemblyman Vito Lopez, back in Albany to sit in the chamber for the first time since allegations surfaced that he sexually harassed several legislative staffers, expounded to reporters in a lengthy question-and-answer session on the chamber floor.

In the session, Lopez frequently asked to go off the record and pointed at times, refused to comment on whether he felt he was treated fairly by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“I have no comment,” Lopez, D-Brooklyn, said. “I’m not going to comment on the investigation because it’s not done and the matter in which it was done.”

Similarly, Lopez wouldn’t say if he would have voted for Silver for another term as speaker had he been in the closed-door conference last week.

“That would have been a decision I would have had to make at that time,” he said. “I believe that there should be due process in coming up with a decision whether something came up or not.”

Lopez wouldn’t commit to running for re-election or for city Council, which he had been reportedly interested in. Lopez has not filed papers for re-election.

“This may be my last term and I’m not saying it is, but I can pick and choose a little bit and how to best serve the people,” Lopez said.

He also knocked the press coverage of the scandal, saying his constituents are looking “beyond the issue.”  

“I believe that there’s been an overwhelming number of articles, press articles, blogs and I believe that the public, my public and my constitutents believe there’s something beyond the issue that’s trying to be accomplished,” he said. “The press has a right to write what it wants to do.”

The Lopez scandal launched several investigations, including one by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics. It’s possible that JCOPE is looking beyond just Lopez’s actions, but also Silver’s role in not acting quickly enough to report the alleged behavior.

Lopez, a once powerful lawmaker and Brooklyn powerbroker, was stripped of his Assembly Housing Committee chairmanship and lost his chairmanship of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.